How to Make Your Apartment Feel Homey?

How to Make Your Apartment Feel Homey?

There’s nothing like unlocking the front door to your apartment after a long day at work. However, if your apartment doesn’t feel or look comfortable, you’re robbing yourself of a luxurious experience. There are plenty of ways to customize your apartment to make it feel like your special hideaway from the world. Consider the following tips to get started.

1. Hang Artwork

After noticing the trends on social media, many people enjoy the gallery wall style for their homes. Print your beautiful memories out instead of reserving your photos for your social media feed. Place the photos in lovely frames, and hang them throughout the home. If you’re not allowed to drill holes to hang your photos, there are plenty of temporary wall mounting solutions you can utilize in order to get the look you’re going for. In addition to photos in frames, look for stunning artwork by amazing artists.

Artwork doesn’t have to solely involve photos. Instead, find lovely pieces of pottery in thrift stores. Spray-paint them to a color that matches your decor. It’s easy to place pottery and other sculptures on side tables or mantels in order to add some diversity to your look.

2. Light Scented Candles/Use a Diffuser

Scents are essential to the bigger equation of making a home feel welcoming. If your home looks beautiful and smells awful, your home turns into an offensive experience for you and your guests. In addition to keeping the air clean and fresh with a purifier and fresh air, light a scented candle when you come home from work. Don’t leave the candle burning for longer than three hours for safety reasons.

If you don’t like the idea of burning candles regularly, use an essential oil diffuser to release scents throughout the home. Essential oils like peppermint, grapefruit, and eucalyptus contain many healing properties. Collect essential oils, research oil combinations, and create pleasant aromas this way.

3. Use Area Rugs

Whether your Atrio apartment comes with carpeting, wooden flooring, or tile, always use area rugs to personalize your design. Invest in large area rugs that can provide colors, dimensions, and interesting designs to the rooms.

When you’re looking for an area rug for the living room or the dining room, always measure the specifications. Don’t spoil a great rug without being careful about picking the correct size. If it’s too small, it’ll look as though it’s pointlessly floating in the room.

4. Prioritize Cleanliness

When your space is clean and organized, it becomes easier to function. Studies suggest that the home is directly connected to a person’s brain state. If you’re feeling anxious, disheveled and out of balance, this can manifest itself in your home through the clutter.

Each night, go through the entire apartment to pick up papers, wipe down countertops and sweep the floors. When mail comes into the house, organize it immediately, so it doesn’t become cluttered on the countertop. By becoming meticulous with the cleanliness routine in your home, it’s much easier to feel like you’re in a welcoming space.

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5. Accessorize with Textures

Textures are ideal for making a home feel cozy because they provide their fair share of visual contrast and depth. For example, if you’ve purchased a sofa for the living room, don’t just settle for the pillows that come with the sofa. Instead, visit your local home decor store to pick up a few throw pillows. Choose one with a faux leather finish or a satin fabric to switch up the look. When you’re creating the window treatments, swap out the white plastic blinds for wooden plantation blinds. These small changes can make a major difference.

There are plenty of people who don’t believe in decorating apartments because they’re considered temporary. Whether it’s for a year, three years, or five years, you’re living there and deserve to feel good each time you walk through the door. Just because you might not be allowed to drill holes or paint doesn’t mean you can’t make your home feel warm and cozy. Plus, there are plenty of changes you can make with a landlord’s stamp of approval. You can easily turn your standard apartment into a plush home by getting the necessary approvals and committing to a decorating plan.


Ellen Hollington

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