10 signs your AC needs repair

10 signs your AC needs repair

Having a well-functioning air conditioner in your house is crucial, especially during the hot seasons. Purchasing a new air conditioner can be costly, which is why some people prefer servicing their old ones—however, it is preferable to put your money into buying a new one.

If Your Ac Is More Than A Decade Old

When an air conditioner is well taken care of, it can last 20 years. However, after ten years, some air conditioners start deteriorating, which needs to be regularly serviced—procuring a new air conditioner, no matter how costly, is better than always needing a 24/7 emergency AC repair. It saves you money and is also a long-lasting investment.

Bad Odors

A good air conditioner is not supposed to emit strange odors. If your AC starts emitting musty or moldy smells, it is essential to contact a professional to find the issue. The smell may emanate from mold forming in the evaporator coils, drip pan, or air filters. That is why it is crucial to service your AC regularly to detect the issues before they become costly problems. Also, it makes your air conditioner durable.

If Your Ac Blows Warm Air

An air conditioner works by sucking up all the warm air, cooling it, getting rid of the moisture, and releasing cool air through your house’s return vents. So, when air gets humid, the condenser line might be blocked or the air filters clogged, affecting how the air flows. However, if the AC is regularly serviced and the same issues still arise, buying a new one might be better.

Frequent Repairs

Air conditioners do not need constant repairs; if you find yourself regularly servicing your AC, then it is time to acquire a new air conditioner. Purchasing a new AC is more beneficial than constantly servicing your old one.

Your Ac Is Producing Loud Noises

If your air conditioner is producing loud noises when it is on, then the problem may be on the inside. The loud noises may result from a faulty compressor or the motor needing lubrication, or the interior of the ac is filled with dust or debris. A professional technician can solve such problems, but if your air conditioner is more than ten years old, it is more advisable to acquire a new one.

High Electricity Bills

Cooling costs are a big part of electricity bills. However, If the electricity bills in your house are regularly high, the air conditioner might be causing it. Their defective systems are a significant disadvantage to the consumer. If your AC has been used over a long time, it might develop some fault, which may cause a surge in your electricity bills. You can confirm by consulting a technician to ensure that the issue emanates from your air conditioner and not from inadequate insulation or air leaks around the doors and windows. On the occasion that the air conditioner is the source of the problem consider getting a new one.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Air Conditioning Repair

Your House Is Not Well Ventilated.

If the air conditioner does not cool your house evenly anymore, it might be because it is not as productive as before. Another cause may be because you purchased an air conditioner that is small compared to the size of your house. If you want to buy a new air conditioner, you can ask for help from a technician to purchase one suitable for your home. You can also check if it has adequate British thermal units required to keep your home cool.

Your Ac Needs An R-22 Refrigerant.

A refrigerant is a gas found in an air conditioner used to cool the air in your house. The R-22 refrigerant was primarily found in air conditioners produced past January 1, 2010. Although, later, the r-22 refrigerant was a hazard to the environment. This led to the passing of a new act requiring manufacturers to use a better refrigerant that is kind to the environment.

Your House Is Dustier And Not Comfortable.

The older air conditioners are not as reliable as the new ones. The newer air conditioners filter out dirt and dust while the older ones cannot. Therefore, if someone in your family is allergic to dust, it might be time to upgrade to a new air conditioner.

In conclusion, purchasing a new air conditioner is preferable if the old one is not efficient. Nevertheless, if you can, it is also advisable to regularly service your old air conditioner.


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