How To Clean Bird Droppings From Concrete

How To Clean Bird Droppings From Concrete

Birdsong is enjoyable both early in the morning and throughout the day, but when you step outside and see your property or the pavement covered in droppings, the joy quickly wears off. Bird excrement is also acidic, which means that if it remains on a surface for too long, it could potentially damage it.  Fortunately, removing it quickly will stop any problems, and with a little elbow grease, it’s possible. It’s still worthwhile to make the effort even if the excrement is quite old. When getting rid of poop on your concrete, you can use a variety of techniques.

Tips to Clean Bird Droppings

Gather Supplies First

It is best to assemble all the necessary cleaning supplies before starting this difficult chore. This makes it easier to concentrate on particular places with tougher poop to get rid of before going on to the simpler ones. You should have everything you need for cleaning in your cleaning kit. Some of the tools you’d need to clean excrement off concrete are a hose with a spray attachment, dish soap, a scrub brush, hydrogen peroxide, or concrete cleaner.

Remove Dry Debris

Since removing bird droppings by hand might be challenging, wash away all of the dried debris from the area before using a brush or sponge to scrape the surface. A plastic scraper can be used for this, but you should be aware that whatever you choose to use must be thrown away after use. You can proceed to the subsequent steps after removing the dry poop components with a scraper. Bird dropping can ruin the look of your driveway and this can cost you if you live on rented property. Hire a competent bond cleaning company at the end of your lease to leave behind a spic and span driveway.

Wash First

To remove the bird droppings, wet the area with a hose. To produce a more powerful spray, you can cover a portion of the faucet with your finger. In areas with stains, apply dish soap. Scrub use a brush to thoroughly get rid of the stains. Use a hose once more and rinse the surface. If you don’t want bird droppings to end up in your yard, another option is to clean them using a paper towel or rag. This approach is useless if the stains have hardened or if there is a lot of excrement on your concrete.

Use a Commercial Cleaner

You can choose from a variety of commercial cleaners for bird dropping on the market. Many cleaners also contain non-toxic enzymes that clean, degrade, and refresh bird droppings. Commercial cleaners remove damp bird droppings together with bird droppings stains by lifting them. Being non-toxic and biodegradable makes its use around plants safe. A bleaching agent or ammonia should be present in the perfect concrete cleanser.

Use a Bleaching Agent

Another successful technique for getting rid of bird excreta stains from hard outdoor surfaces is to use chlorine bleach and let it sit for a while. Pour the solution over the areas. Mix one spoonful of laundry detergent with one cup of warm water to create the solution. The area will be clean and the stains will be removed by the bleach combination. Next, scrub the area using a nylon-bristled brush. Alternatively, you can spray the mixture and wait for around five minutes before pressure cleaning.

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