When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed to Save Your Oral Health?

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed to Save Your Oral Health?

Generally, when your professional dentists determine that your teeth are severely infected, root canal procedure is the fundamental solution to save your oral health. As an experienced endodontist in Toronto, this successful solution can potentially repair the infected parts and protect your teeth from reinfection. During this process, the special inner part of your teeth called the pulp is taken out; after that, the affected site should be properly sealed using special materials. Some helpful information provided in this essay to help you determine when you or your loved ones should undergo root canal treatment.

Root Canal Procedure Step by Step

Unfortunately, there is some misconception about this practical method to eliminate dental infection. For example, most people avoid undergoing this treatment because they are afraid of experiencing excessive pain and discomfort until the procedure is over. Besides, many prefer tooth extraction over root canal therapy because they think it will increase the risk of spreading infections to other healthy structures. If you are curious to learn what exactly happens during this practical method, read the following items to be familiar with all phases of this procedure:

Step1: In your first visit, x-rays will be taken to determine your condition’s severity. Then the process will be started when your experienced dentists ensure the affected site is numbed.

Step2: Your professional dentists or endodontists will use high-tech instruments to make a small opening on your teeth’s enamel. Then through this hole, they will remove all infected parts. The most important point that should be noted is that this part of the procedure should be accurately done; otherwise, the risk of reinfection will be significantly increased.

Step3: When the process of removing decayed pulp is successfully performed. The inner empty spaces should be filled with special materials.

Step 4: As the final step, an artificial tooth called a crown will be mounted over the site to increase the strength of your tooth.


Essential Signs that Indicate Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary

Experiencing Unbearable Pain When You Are Chewing Food: If you are one of those people who usually seek for practical methods to manage your severe toothaches after each meal, you are more likely to have decayed and infected teeth in your mouth. If you promptly visit your general dentists, they will solve your issue straightforwardly. On the other hand, those who wait long to make their dental appointments will let their decay and infection reach the pulp of their teeth. Therefore, root canal therapy is the only way to preserve teeth.

Having a Hole Over a Specific Tooth:¬†Sometimes, you may feel a hole over a tooth when brushing your teeth or touching them with your tongue. If you discover a hole in your mouth, contact your dedicated dentists without hesitation to make an urgent appointment. There’s a possibility that root canal treatment is needed to solve the issue.

Having a Discolored Tooth in Your Mouth: Dental discoloration is not a special sign of dental infection, but when one of your teeth looks darker than others, it can be the obvious sign that indicates your tooth is infected.

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