7 Effective Ways to do Warrant Searches

7 Effective Ways to do Warrant Searches

Everyone wants to know the best way to do a warrant search, but are warrant searches even something that can be done easily? Many people look up warrants every single day with varying degrees of success, depending on the method that they use. Is there some way to make this task easier without having to spend a bunch of time on it? We’re going to cover some of the best-kept secrets in the warrant lookup field so that you can have an idea of how those that do these searches the most go about getting warrant information.

All sorts of people, young and old alike, do these kinds of searches every single day. Some people just do them for peace of mind, like making sure that their hot tinder date isn’t wanted by the police, and some just wanna make sure that they didn’t accidentally break a lot. Many people often check up on their own warrants so that they can be absolutely sure that they aren’t wanted by the police for something simple like forgetting to pay a parking ticket or forgetting to show up for jury duty. Let’s get into the top 7 most effective ways to do a warrant search.

1.  Know What You’re Looking For

The biggest mistake that we see people with very little experience with warrant lookups do is not knowing exactly what they’re looking for. People need to know exactly what to expect out of one of these searches for a variety of reasons. Knowing what to expect will give you a better idea of what the search results should look like. Without that knowledge, you can find the right information but just pass it up because you don’t think it’s what you were looking for. That being said, there are a few things that you can consistently expect to find in someone’s warrant information.

Of course, you can expect to find the person in question’s name, but you’ll need that to do the search in the first place so that’s not world-shattering information. You’ll also be able to expect to see what crimes the person in question is suspected of committing, what county they were committed in, and the date the crimes were believed to have been committed. You can also usually see the date the warrant was issued as well as the name of the judge or magistrate that issued the order. Just because someone has a warrant out for their arrest doesn’t mean that they committed the crime, but it does mean that there’s reasonable evidence that they could be suspected of committing a crime.

2.  Keep Your Notes Open

When you’re doing a warrant search, it’s good to be sure that you’re keeping your notes open. You’ll need to keep track of your findings so you can view the big picture once you’re done with your search. This is incredibly important if you’re trying to be thorough as you’ll need to look over all of the information that you find to meet this goal. You can do this on paper or digitally, that doesn’t make a difference.

The biggest thing here is that you are taking notes. Some people’s warrant information won’t require any notation at all, while other people might end up causing you a long and arduous note-taking process. Either way, you want to make sure to keep track of your findings. This is the only way to make sure that you’re really seeing the big picture about the person in question’s warrant information, and that’s incredibly important if you want to make sure that your warrant search is valid.

3.  Check The Dates On Warrants

If you’re looking at warrants, make sure that you look at the date on them. If the warrant was issued within the last few months there’s a chance that it could still be active, which would mean that the person in question is actively wanted by the police. On the other side of the spectrum, if the warrant is years old there’s a good chance that it’s no longer valid. Most warrants are cleared within a matter of months, meaning that a decade that’s five years old has probably already been addressed.

This is important to know because not every county has robust and up-to-date databases. Many do, but some are filled with old data that could end up hindering your search. It can be hard for some counties to stay on top of making sure that they only provide the newest and most relevant information to the people looking through their databases. After all, these databases aren’t cheap. People need to build them and maintain them and the people that know how to do that stuff expect a good deal of compensation for their efforts, which they should because it’s not easy work.

4.  The County Is Important

Knowing which county the warrant was issued from is very important information because laws can vary a bit from county to county. It’s also important because you’ll need to check into the specific county to get the information that you want out of this search. Without knowing what county you’re supposed to be looking in you simply won’t be able to get all of the information that you need, or really any information at all depending on the method that you’re trying to use for this search.

There are ways to get around this step, but we’ll be covering those later on in this article. Even if you do use one of the aforementioned methods to get this information, the county in which the warrant was issued makes a huge difference. If the warrant is only a few weeks old and the person in question is in an entirely different county or state, you can assume that they’re probably trying to hide from law enforcement. That being said, most smart people that have warrants out for their arrest are going to be laying low, giving you the lowest possibility of them running into you. If someone has a warrant out for their arrest and they’re out enough for you to meet them, there’s a good chance that law enforcement isn’t far behind.

Know Your Rights: Do's and Dont's When You Have a Warrant | Aaronson Law  Firm

5.  Take Time To Relax

These searches can be incredibly stressful, and we’re well aware of that. It doesn’t matter who you’re looking into, the information that you ascertain from this kind of search can make or break an entire relationship. That being said, give yourself a few moments to relax. Take a deep breath, make a cup of tea, step outside and enjoy the weather. Even if the results aren’t what you want them to be, that’s totally ok. Just take a moment to center yourself before proceeding, no matter what the search results are you’ll get the answer that you were looking for and that’s the most important thing here.

Whether you need to take a breath before or after you hit the search button, you deserve to take a moment just to gather your thoughts and reflect on the situation. For better or worse, once you have the answer to your question there’s no going back. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what the search revealed, but regardless it’s best to keep your wits about you. As they say, cool heads will prevail and these circumstances are no exception to that.

6.  Don’t Go Straight To The Source

We touched on this a bit already, but if you want the easiest search experience possible you don’t want to go directly to the source. Law enforcement in many counties do their best to make sure that this information is easily accessible, but their databases can fall short. You can run into any issue ranging from missing information, no database, or even flat-out inaccurate information.

7.  Use The Right Tools For The Job

The best way to do this kind of search is to use a warrant lookup service. These services have been around for years and they specialize in exactly these kinds of searches. You can find warrant information from anywhere in your state or even across the entire country in mere moments. That makes this method by far the most efficient method available to people that are looking to do a quick warrant search without having to plan too much for the logistics of such a search. You can even expect instant results, which makes this a fan favorite.

Get the Information You Need the Right Way

All sorts of people have all sorts of reasons for wanting to do warrant searches. Whether they want to find out about someone’s background, look into their loved one’s lives to make sure that those people that they love aren’t getting into trouble, or any other reason they could possibly have, they deserve to find the warrant information that they need both quickly and easily. The information is out there, and knowing how to find it in the most efficient way possible can help you out a lot in the long and short terms.

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