Tickmill Review: Welcome Bonus and Rules

Tickmill Review: Welcome Bonus and Rules

If you want a top-notch experience with one of the best trading platforms in the trading industry and a chance to trade without risk, Tickmill will give you a free $30 welcome account.

With this account, you can use what is considered one of the best trading platforms in the industry. It’s no cost. But you should know that if you are a new trader and use the Tickmill trading platform, you can’t get a Tickmill bonus.

Bonus Limitations

Only people who don’t live in the European Union can use the trading bonus. So, potential clients in the EU can’t use any forex or CFD bonus. Other broker promotions, on the other hand, are usually open to all clients.

How Tickmill Works

When the Tickmill trading platform has approved your application, your welcome account will be set up. When you give your email address, you will get information about how to log in to the trading platform. Be aware that these credentials are only considered valid so that you can access the welcome account. They don’t give you any access to the client area of this trading platform.

To get more information about the Tickmill trading platform, check out the detailed Tickmill review.

Bonus from Tickmill

Tickmill is very kind to new traders by giving them an accessible starting point of $30 when they join the platform. So, it’s important to note that the money for this project is presented in US dollars. With this money, traders can buy and sell on the forex market, which is done online.

Tickmill’s Bonus Withdrawal Rule

The Tickmill withdrawal rule says that if you get a $30 free trading bonus without making a deposit, you can withdraw the bonus. A trader can only take out the money he made, not any bonus money. So you can quickly move from $30 to $100 in profit. Money must be transferred from a “Welcome” account to a “Live” performance. This can be done by sending an email or chatting with customer service.

You Can Make Trades Tickmill Bonus.

To take advantage of the free offer, it’s clear that you need to sign up for an account on the Tickmill trading platform. But the good news is that this free welcome offer is an excellent chance for all traders to make money. This fantastic free offer makes trading on the Tickmill platform much safer for anyone who wants to try it out.

Profil Forex Broker Tickmill Indonesia | Sinau Trading Forex

This welcome package from the Tickmill platform is very appealing, but you should know that you can only open this type of account once if you want to try this package, so you can trade forex on this platform without taking any risks. This means they can’t use this trading platform to get more than one free welcome account worth $30 in US funds.

Free Bonus Is Without Any Hidden Costs

The good news is that the truth is told right away: there are no risks for people who get the $30 welcome package for free from this platform. This means that there are no hidden traps to catch you by surprise, which can sometimes happen on media that don’t treat traders with much honesty. So, when you use this type of welcome package on this platform, there are no extra costs. It’s also nice to know that this type of welcome package from this trading platform doesn’t come with hidden commission costs.

So, if this fantastic promotion on Tickmill’s trading platform piques your interest and makes you curious, you’ll want to head over to the promotion page on Tickmill’s official website. When you get to the site, you’ll see FSA SC, followed by promotions and the $30 Welcome Account.

With this welcome account, you can then start making trades. You will have to download the MT4, which stands for MetaTrader4. You could also access the platform directly through Tickmill’s website.

Bottom Line:

When you try to trade using the free welcome account that Tickmill gives you with $30, there are a few things to remember. Using expert advisors is against the rules when you have a welcome statement. Also, if you use this type of trading account, you can’t use a strategy that involves arbitrage trading. You can’t protect your trades internally, such as by using other designated accounts you may have. Tickmill is holding that against you. It is also against trade rules with other brokers’ funds.

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