Nifty Android Tips And Tricks

Nifty Android Tips And Tricks

There are two mobile operating systems that are currently dominating the mobile market: Android and iOS. But when we look at the overall numbers, we’ll quickly find that there are significantly more Android users than iPhone users throughout the world, which means that most people tend to have the Android operating system on their phone.

Android is a powerful Linux-based operating system that has been designed from the ground up to be stable, fast, and work seamlessly with mobile chipsets and touchscreens. If you currently own an Android, keep reading to find out how to get the most out of it.

Battery Health

While modern lithium-ion batteries are a true marvel on their own, they can eventually begin to wear down, depending on usage. There are some ways of making the battery last as long as possible. Keeping the device out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources will help maintain the health of the battery’s life, as heat causes it to deplete at much faster rates, potentially damaging it after a while. Android 11 and 12 both have battery optimisation built right in, but some apps might request the permission to be left out of these optimisations. It’s important to trust any app that asks for these kinds of permissions, as often they can end up draining a battery quickly.

Alles over Android 12: Google's nieuwste Android-versie


Mobile development moves at a frightening pace, and it’s not uncommon for some apps to be updated on a daily basis. Many internet browser developers, for example, have something called a Nightly build, which means that their browser test versions get updates every single day. It’s important to keep Android and its many apps up to date.

Not only does this offer increased security, but it also means having access to new features, and can often improve the overall experience and stability of the app. The Play Store, fortunately, has an auto-update feature, meaning that updates can be done in the background without having to nag the owner, so your crypto casino app will always be ready to play.

Remove Bloatware

The term “bloatware” is given to software that doesn’t serve much of a function, usually using up more system resources than it’s worth. Many modern Android phones are sold with a pre-selected number of apps, usually for popular social media sites, such as Facebook. Depending on the flavour of Android you’re using, you might be able to simply uninstall the apps the normal way.

If the apps have been added to the roster as system apps, uninstalling them using the regular method is impossible. This is where ADB comes in, which you can use to issue external commands to your device. It’s much more technical, but there are plenty of excellent guides around that can help through the process.

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