Learn How To Smoke Weed Without Much Money

Money does not make us happy, but it does make our lives better.

For me, having the extra money just makes my life easier as I am able to afford my car payments. Without this excess cash to spend, keeping my car will not be possible at all.

Living life is not cheap and we are always looking at ways to save money. For those who smoke cannabis, making your weed last longer on a tight budget is always welcomed.

Luckily for you, there are hidden gem places if you want to buy weed online cheaply. Just do some digging and you can even search up a popular 99 oz Canada product for the best value.

This article will go over some of the ways you can do just that. You’re welcome!

Pre-granulate your Flower

The size of a nug doesn’t make any difference—the thickness checks. All things considered, nug size can be deceiving, and the most ideal approach to sort out precisely how much weed you have is by pre-granulating your bloom.

Particularly when you’re approaching the finish of your reserve, crushing that blossom will help you better measure what amount is left in your stockpile.

Direct Inject Versus Carb Pipes

Carb pipes have little thumb openings on the bowl that may appear to be valuable, however can make you consume more spice than needed for each hit.

Direct-infuse pipes guarantee that the entirety of the smoke hits you where it matters most, and none of it whirls moronically out of an opening as an afterthought. You need a smoothed out wind stream—like a one-hitter—for expanded smoking productivity.

Pick the Right Strain


It’s a setup reality: a few strains get you higher than others. That, yet various highs feel diverse to various individuals.

It’s critical to know the distinction between a head-centered sativa and a profoundly physical indica.

We prescribe addressing your nearby budtender, or, if that is impossible, to do some exploration on strains on a site like Online Dispensary Canada.

Buy High Quality Weed

This appears to be irrational, as better green costs more green, yet paying more forthright implies that your reserve will in reality last more.

In the event that two hits of top-rack will get you high versus four hits of mid-grade, it’s certainly justified regardless of the additional money over the long haul. Consider purchasing premium blossom, a drawn out venture, and afterward it’s simpler to stomach the forthright expense.

Along these lines, purchasing in mass appears to be a freshman slip-up, yet it’s actually an astute play with the value breaks.

However long you have fair restraint and wouldn’t fret smoking a similar strain for some time, purchasing an ounce or a half ounce rather than an eighth or a gram will extend your dollar further.

Pack a One-Hitter

This is our favored strategy for smoking in a hurry while attempting to ration weed.

Not exclusively does the one-hitter sneak up suddenly for a particularly little and basic smoking gadget, but on the other hand it’s the most sensibly valued line you can purchase.

Also the way that metal one-hitters are practically indestructible, so you don’t need to stress over breaking a costly glass piece on a walkway or rough path.

Taste a Little Coffee


We are huge devotees of a morning mug of java and a joint—it’s the manner by which we start essentially each prior day plunking down to work.

Regardless of whether you can’t make a joint occur, pair a little espresso with a bowl or a coffee shot with your bong snap.

It’s experimentally demonstrated that getting a charge out of espresso with your cannabis really expands the existence of your high.


This article has shown some of the ways you can continue smoking weed without much money.

It just goes to prove that with some creativity, anything is possible!

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