11 Ways To Treat A Bad Cold

11 Ways To Treat A Bad Cold

Colds are possible even in the summer, especially with hypothermia or contact with sick people. An increase in temperature disrupts health, and a runny nose interferes with sleeping while coughing distracts from work. You can cure a cold not only through medications but also in some simple ways.

How To Treat Colds?

Here are some effective tips that can help you treat cold effectively.

1.  Drink More Fluids

The most important thing for any cold, especially if you have a high fever, is to drink plenty of fluids. On average, you need to drink at least half a glass of liquid every hour to activate metabolic processes and the work of the kidneys to eliminate waste products. The most useful is ordinary warm drinking water, although slightly mineralized water is acceptable.

When the temperature rises by one ℃ above the norm, you need to add about 200 ml of liquid to the total daily volume. This increases sweating, which causes the temperature to drop faster. It is worth giving up coffee and alcohol for the duration of the illness, as they cause dehydration.

2.  Medications For Fever

You need to be careful when using medication for fever because some people have fever as a result of medication abuse. Not many people know, but overdosing on prescription opioids can cause fever. So if you have a tendency to abuse medication, try other methods to lower the fever.

For others, they can use antipyretic and anti-inflammatory medications to help relieve the unpleasant symptoms of a cold, including when the temperature rises. Various combination powders, effervescent tablets, or solutions will not shorten the duration of a cold or kill a virus. But these medications will help clear up the symptoms.

For example, Antihistamine medications can help with watery eyes, sneezing, and profuse discharge from the nose. Ibuprofen and paracetamol relieve aches and fever. But in any case, do not self-medicate; always consult a doctor.

3. Take A Hot Shower

If you have a runny or stuffy nose due to cold, a hot shower will help. When a person takes a shower, moist air enters the sinuses. It is necessary to gently blow your nose, closing one nostril, to clear the nasal passages and facilitate breathing. If the runny nose is accompanied by thick discharge, you can draw water in the palm of your hand and suck it in with your nose, rinsing the nasal passages.

This will help reduce sinus swelling and improve mucus drainage. But if you have a runny nose and you can’t take a shower, then pour hot water into the sink or a large bowl and cover your head with a towel. You need to breathe moist air for 5-10 minutes.

4.  Use An Additional Pillow  

Using an extra pillow is useful advice for people who often suffer from sinusitis. To relieve congestion and improve sinus drainage, it is worth adding an extra pillow at night to lift your head higher. This helps drain the sinuses at the back of the throat and opens up the nasal passages slightly.

5.  Drink Hot Tea

Black, green, or herbal tea with the addition of honey or ginger is a delicious moisturizing method that also has a soothing and warming effect. A cup of tea predisposes to rest and relaxation, which is required in case of a cold first of all. The drink helps to relax, relieves sore throat and nasal congestion, and promotes sleep.

6.  Enjoy Chicken Noodle Soup

Light food is essential during the cold to maintain strength. It’s a chicken noodle soup that provides much-desired hydration, plus its light and easily digestible nutrition. It contains proteins and carbohydrates, and some fat, which are necessary for the body during the period of ARVI. You can have this soup twice a day for better results.

7.  Lubricate The Nose

If the runny nose is very severe and it is constantly running, the use of a handkerchief or napkins irritates the mucous membranes and skin around the nose. In addition, sometimes, at the beginning of a cold, the nose becomes very dry, and the mucous membranes crack. In this case, ordinary petroleum jelly can help. You must apply it to the irritated area and then rub it lightly.

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8. Take Enough Rest

Often during the period of a cold, a person feels very tired and weak. It is logical to give yourself and your exhausted body a good rest. You can do this by asking for time off from work and postponing all business meetings.

A cold is the best time to go to bed early. The body needs peace so that it spends all its strength on the fight against infection. Often a couple of days of rest is enough and would help the body to recover soon.

9.  Follow Hygiene Rules 

When you get sick, it is important not to spread your infection to colleagues or family members. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing, use disposable tissue paper, and wash your hands and face often.

Try to stay clean more than usual, so you don’t let the virus spread. If you find it difficult to go to the bathroom for washing your hands, again and again, you can try a sanitizer as well. It will help to cleanse your hands of viruses.

10.  Avoid Taking Antibiotics

It’s important to remember that summer colds are usually caused by viruses, and antibiotics treat bacterial infections. Even if the green nasal discharge occurs, you should not use antibiotics without a doctor’s prescription. You should only use this medication as recommended by the doctor and avoid abusing it.

11.  Avoid Taking Vitamins For Cold

Many people take doses of vitamin C, multivitamins, or tincture of echinacea for cold. But scientists have not found convincing evidence that these methods help. Besides, excess ascorbic acid present in these doses can damage kidney function. Lemon or honey tea, herbal teas, and light plant-based foods are enough to keep the body strong against the cold.

Take Away

If a person is constantly exercising and playing sports, it is important to give the body rest during the fever. As your condition improves, you can gradually start exercising again. Take care of yourself and follow the tips mentioned above for treating the cold.

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