Various Packaging Styles and Their Importance

Various Packaging Styles and Their Importance

Packaging plays an important role in determining the product’s perceived value. Despite the continuous innovations in technology, the industry has not changed much over the years. It can be difficult to choose the right packaging for your products given the variety of packaging options available. Let’s look at the various packaging options available to enhance your product and the experience of your customers.

Boxes Made Of Paperboard

Paperboard is a paper-based product that is durable and lightweight. You can easily cut it and manipulate it to make custom structures. Thus, making it perfect for personalized packaging. It is made from fibrous materials such as wood or recycled wastepaper and bleached to make pulp. There are many grades of paperboard packaging, each one suitable for various packaging needs.

Corrugated Boxes

The term corrugated box simply refers to the common name of Cardboard. Because it mainly makes large shoe boxes, storage boxes, and shipping boxes wholesale, corrugated boxes are what most people think of as “cardboard”.

Many people don’t realize that corrugated boxes come in many different types, depending on their durability. It is not difficult to identify a particular corrugated material. So, how can you identify the material? Well, it is through the corrugated medium or the fluting. The corrugated material is composed of three layers of paper, an inner liner, an outside liner, and a corrugated medium.

Plastic Boxes

Plastics can be used in many products, including paper clips to spaceships. Plastic has replaced many traditional materials like ceramic, wood, leather, and glass.

There are many benefits to plastic box packaging. They can be recycled, and they are largely more durable compared to paperboard boxes. Plastic packaging containers that are airtight can preserve food quality and prevent contamination. Plastic packaging is also resistant to breaking and can be kept with food in extreme temperatures.

Poly Bags

Poly bags, also called a pouch or plastic bags are made from thin, flexible, plastic film fabric. This is one of the most common packaging types and can hold a variety of products, including food, flowers, chemicals, magazines, and a lot more.

Poly bags are lightweight and durable, flexible and reusable. Poly bags are easy to construct and can be customized in style, size, and design while still being cost-effective. Poly bags can also be recycled depending on their construction. Most poly bags come with a variety of security features, including carrying handles, hanging holes, and tape attachments. This ensures that the product is visually appealing and secure.

Why Packaging Is So Important


  • Protection

Protecting the contents from damage during transportation, handling, and storage is the packaging’s main purpose. Packaging keeps the product intact during its entire logistics chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer. Moreover, it safeguards the product against light, heat, humidity and other factors.

  • Safety

Packaging plays an important role in protecting content and keeping consumers safe. Packaging must contain essential information about the product and its safety. The packaging must clearly show the best-before date, packing date, and list of ingredients.

  • Attractiveness

Packaging is an integral part of marketing and the brand of the product. Unique packaging can enhance the product appeal and increase the buyers’ willingness to purchase the product. Keep in mind that packaging is just as valuable as the product.

So, packaging products has many crucial functions. Is all packaging bad? Well, it is not.  Packaging is essential for many everyday products. Every day, more sustainable, innovative, and reusable packaging is being developed. Everybody must accept that this is the current trend already. So, if you are thinking about incorporating packaging into the product that you are selling, then do not hesitate to include this. Know that with good packaging, you will surely gain a lot of customers.

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