The Top 5 College Towns in Texas

The Top 5 College Towns in Texas

Texas is a massive state that offers something for anyone who wants it.  Thankfully, this has led to many incredible college towns that each give students the chance to build a fantastic career path for themselves.

These are the top five college towns in Texas and why you should consider this state when you’re thinking about your academic future.

Why Go to College In Texas?

If you’re considering college in Texas, you’ll be amazed at how much this state has to offer.  Not only is education more affordable here, but there are plenty of colleges that are geared towards specific disciplines so that you can find something for whatever your interests are.

Unfortunately, Texas is a giant state, so it’s not like you can grab one of the houses for rent in Houston and drive to college in Plainview, Texas (that’s a nine-hour drive!).  Luckily, if you go to college here, you’ll be able to find cheap housing in any of these cities.

Canyon, Texas

Home to West Texas A&M University, Canyon, Texas, gives students the chance to live affordably and have fun while getting a great education.  With a low crime rate and a fantastic unemployment rate that ensures anyone can get a job if they want one, this 15,000 people town is a safe place to move for any college student.  There’s less nightlife in this area, but if you’re not interested in clubbing, this could be your perfect town.

College Station, Texas

Ten times as large as Canyon, College Station is a giant city that’s home to both Texas A&M as well as Vista College.  Both of these are prestigious schools that offer a lot for any student who can get in.  Although the crime rate is a little higher here, and things are pricier, there’s far more to do in College Station than most places on this list.  You can enjoy getting a well-rounded life while living here.

Mcallen, Texas

With a population of 142,000 people, Mcallen is a perfect mix between a big city and a small town.  Those who go to school here can enjoy a high employment rate after graduation, lots to see and do within the city, and tons of options for future careers.  Home to South Texas College, and South Texas Vocational Technical Institute, you’ll love the education you get here.

Arlington, Texas

Arlington is an incredible city that should be on the top of anyone’s college list.  Home to the University of Texas at Arlington, and Arlington Baptist College, there’s a lot to see and do here while also getting your education.  Arlington offers a chance to get to know history while also going to classes.

The 10 Best College Towns in Texas -

Plainview, Texas

The final town is one of the smallest, with a population of just over 20,000 people.  Rent is the lowest on this list, making it an incredibly affordable place to live.  Home to Wayland Baptist University, this is great for anyone who wants an affordable college experience.

College in Texas Can Be Extremely Rewarding

If you want to go to school in a state that recognizes your potential and wants to help you succeed: there’s nowhere better to go than Texas.  Each of these cities offers something different and gives you the opportunity to be your best self.

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