Bed Bug Myths: Debunked

Bed Bug Myths: Debunked

Bed bugs are notorious for many things, but there’s still so much to learn about these critters. Because of the widespread infestation caused by bed bugs, some pest control companies resort to fear-mongering, and quite a few myths about bed bugs have been proliferating all this time. Some of these myths have been debunked time and time again.

Read on to find out more about debunked bed bug myths.

Bed Bugs Are Only Active At Night

Just because they’re called “bed” bugs doesn’t mean they’re only active whenever you get into bed at night. Bed bugs are generally nocturnal; however, they will still feed on you when they get the chance to. At the first sign of infestation, call your pest control professionals immediately to alleviate the situation and save your home from bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Are Invisible To The Naked Eye    

Bed bugs are minute creatures, but it doesn’t make them invisible to the human eye. These tiny creatures are the same size as an apple seed and have a dark reddish-brown color (or darker, if the bed bug in question just finished a blood meal). Younger bud bugs, on the other hand, may be harder to spot because they can be as small as a pinhead. But still, bed bugs are visible to the human eye, it just takes more effort than usual to spot them.

Bed Bugs Carry Diseases

Most common pests such as ants, cockroaches, flies, and rodents are known to be carriers of disease and bacteria. Bed bugs, on the other hand, have not been known to be vectors of communicable diseases, although their bites can be very hard to ignore, leaving red welts and causing allergic reactions and anxiety. Bed bug bites can lead to anxiety, sleeplessness, and secondary infections, but there have been no reports of bed bugs transmitting diseases to humans.

Bed Bugs Prefer Unsanitary Environment

Bed bugs don’t have a preference when it comes clean or dirty environment. Although well-maintained cleanliness can keep most pests out of your home, bed bugs latch onto clothes and other materials, bringing themselves into your pristine place. Bed bugs don’t discriminate whether a house is clean or not.

Bed Bugs Latch Onto our Bodies

Bed bugs are creatures that cannot stand heat. Therefore, they don’t stick on human hair or skin just like lice or ticks do. Instead, they are more likely to attach themselves to backpacks, luggage, shoes, and other things not thoroughly exposed to heat. This would partly explain why bed bug heat treatment is one of the most effective methods of removal.


Bed bugs have been around for a long time, but this doesn’t spare them from a few myths about their nature. Despite an ample amount of research done on these creatures, old beliefs and practices continue to persist to this day. These myths have been debunked since then, in hopes of making bed bug removal more accessible and less intimidating. In any case, don’t hesitate to call professionals for safe and effective bed bug removal.

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