Awesome Hockey Deke Moves

hockey deke

A hockey deke is one of the fastest ways to make a sick shot and score a fast point. The thing about hockey dekes is that you need to implement them in a way that will not attract attention to you as quickly as you can. This kind of action takes skills and determination. With the right kind of training, you can pull off the craziest dekes anybody has ever seen, but the key is to practice and focus. Champions are built from constant training and nonstop self-motivation. You want to pull off spectacular dekes? Keep reading.

One… Two… Fake It

  • The best way to train for this is on an actual ice rink or a synthetic ice You will definitely need your ice skates to pull this one. The way it works is to throw the goalie off by making them think that you are going to put the puck above their shoulder to the left or right. It is your choice. For the sake of this training let’s say that you will fake for the upper right corner of the goal.
  • You start on the opposite end of the rink with the puck and make your way to the goal in the typical zig-zag motion that everybody uses. In this instance, we will pretend that you are going alone and will not be passing the puck to anybody.
  • Make your way towards the goalie and as you get closer veer to the left side of the goaltender. Make them think that you are going to go in that direction. The key is to keep your eyes darting to the upper right-hand side of the goal and let the goalie see you do it.
  • Rush up to the left side, but keep looking at the right all the while making a mental note of where the goalie is standing and the way he or she is positioned towards the puck. You know that they will move quickly to the side that they are positioned toward.
  • This is where the skills are going to help you the most. As you inch toward the goaltender they will start to get edgy. You have to bank on this. No matter how awesome of a goalie they are, they can’t know what you are thinking unless you make them. You want them to believe that you are going all out for that top right corner, so keep looking at it and position your body as if you are going to go for it.
  • Rush towards the goaltender and seriously act like you are about to shoot the puck into the top right, even swing your stick as if you are going for it. In the split second of the eye miss the puck with the shot, then redirect your shot towards the lower left of the goal. If you pull this off the way you are supposed to, the goaltender will divert attention towards the upper right, and move away from protecting the lower left. Boom, just like that you make your snipe shot.


If you are going to practice for the ultimate hockey deke, you need to be ready to push yourself. Goaltenders are not stupid, and in order to fool them, you have to be really quick. This not to say that it is impossible to fool a goalie, but it is pretty hard if they are good at what they do. Continue to practice your skating, stickhandling, shooting, and deking skills every day because there is a lot of competition out there in the hockey world. Never assume that you are superior to anybody on the rink, when you keep things like this in mind, you become excellent.

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